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The project explores the light changes during the "blue hour" and sun rise, as a meditative state of mind. The sounds of the morning church bells, bird songs, moring life.

Grass people


Summer joy. A photo series about
the holiday and relaxation time.
The heart fnds its liberty, its youth
and desire to fnd new worlds. Feel the cool breeze in the summer
heat. Looking for silence and
tranquillity of a hot and tender
summer. Staying still. No desire.
No thought.




Space and time are strongly related
to one each other. The memory of a
place is in the same time its identity.
In this series : the beach, loved
during the holidays and forgotten
during the winter. The trace of the
happy summer moments is recalled
by the lights of the ghostly hotels.


Only one


Blooming and performing on an
empty stage. Without its public
this beauty of a flower growing in a
standard apartment is not seen and
remains lost forever. A metaphor to
evoke the beautiful people that are
near us and that we don’t see any

Photographic sequences of an amaryllis flower in an apartment,
symbol of the interior beauty that we don’t notice in the people and the
close objects around us.

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