A photographic diary
A socially responsible photography project


During the month of confinement, I am challenging myself to give meaning to life. By photographing the sunrise every day, I am learning to see with fresh eyes the world around me. This journey takes the shape of a blog, followed by a video.

I photograph the sunrise because of the sounds. At dawn, the city is very calm, and in this atmosphere, can better understand the sounds of nature.
This project is an energizing, creative attitude to start an inspiring day.
The "watercolour" photography is a tribute to the sun studies of J.M.W. Turner.

The video "Sunrise" is the second part of my project,
a socially responsible reaction to a United Nations art project call.

The series presents layers of emotions and thoughts.

After having seen my photos, Sabine Lubow, a good friend living in the covid-epicenter nearby Mulhouse, in France, sent me her daily notes. We spontaneously decided to join our impressions. The notes of Sabine’s confinement in original German are listed below my photos.

Accordingly to a Swiss photograph, who says the series of photos fit perfectly to this classic solo viola, Cappricio by Henri, Vieuxtemps, I join the link :


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